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Following Walter White's order to Jesse Pinkman to murder Gale Boetticher, the chemist whom their boss, methamphetamine distributor Gus Fring, had planned on using to replace Walt, Gus responds by killing one of his own men and taking steps to secure the lab. He installs cameras to monitor Walt and Jesse's movements in the lab at all times. Upon searching Gale's apartment, the police find two clues: refuse linking the vegan Gale to Gus's fast food chicken restaurants, and a lab notebook with detailed steps for cooking meth with an inscription "To W.W." The police give recovering and off-duty DEA supervisor Hank Schrader copies of this evidence.download breaking bad season for free Hank starts to suspect that Gus is a major player in the meth operation and tries to investigate on his own, eliciting his brother-in-law Walt's assistance. Hank believes Gus's background as a Chilean national is sketchy at best, and his suspicions lead him to eventually connect Gus to the industrial laundry service that fronts the meth laboratory. Meanwhile, Skyler tries to convince her husband Walt to avoid excess spending in order to reduce the risk of exposing their money laundering scheme: their new car wash business at which Walt was formerly employed. When Walt splurges on a new car for Walt Jr. against her warnings, Skyler tries to leave but ends up returning to help her family. As the season unfolds, Skyler learns that her former boss Ted Beneke had concealed business revenue in earlier tax returns, and would face an IRS investigation that would likely reveal Skyler and Walt's illicit wealth. Skyler convinces Walt's attorney Saul Goodman to fake an estate inheritance from a fictitious aunt, which she uses to divert more than $600,000 to Ted to pay Ted's IRS fine to end that investigation.
Jesse cleans up his act and is surprised when Mike Ehrmantraut, Gus's "cleaner", takes him as protection for picking up several dead-drops. One attack is staged (unknown to Jesse) and Jesse is able to thwart it, giving him confidence in supporting Mike and Gus. They learn that the Mexican cartel has been attacking Gus's trucks as a message,breaking bad season 4 free download links and after they attempt to attack Gus directly, Gus agrees to meet with them. Walt, learning of this meeting, gives Jesse a capsule of ricin, a deadly poison, to use to kill Gus. Jesse hesitates and doesn't follow through, infuriating Walt. Jesse is invited by Gus to join him and Mike in traveling to Mexico, where they have Jesse teach the cartel scientists how to cook the blue meth. A flashback reveals that Gus has a long-standing feud with the head of the Cartel, Don Eladio Vuente, as he had ordered Hector Salamanca to kill his partner, Max, while they were trying to arrange an amicable meth trade. Gus is able to poison Don Eladio and the heads of the cartel, while Jesse helps him and Mike to escape the few guards that survived. On Jesse's return, Walt finds himself again being rendered useless, and later is tasered and taken to the outskirts of town where Gus tells him that he is fired, and that he will take care of Hank. He tells Walt that if he tries to interfere, he will kill Walt's wife and children. Walt tips off the DEA to an imminent attack on Hank while trying to arrange to get his family relocated, but finds without the $600,000 that Skyler gave to Ted, he cannot pay the fee.
Hank and his family, as well as Skyler and Walt Jr., are placed in DEA protective custody; Walt refuses, trying to deal with the situation himself, realizing that Jesse is the key piece. Sometime later, Jesse learns that his girlfriend Andrea's son has suddenly fallen ill; he discovers the cigarette containing the ricin capsule missing and immediately assumes the boy had been purposely poisoned. Jesse confronts Walt, ready to kill him for it, but Walt insists he couldn't have done it and that it was likely Gus's fault. Jesse believes Walt and returns to the hospital, refusing to return to work. Gus comes to the hospital to learn of this from Jesse, but agrees to allow Jesse to remain and come back to work in the week. This meeting has given time for Walt to plant a bomb on Gus's car, but as Gus returns, he appears uneasy, and simply walks away from the car. Walt learns from Jesse that the only place where Gus is vulnerable is when he is visiting the wheelchair-bound Hector at a local nursing home. braking bad free download linksWalt talks to Hector; and then Hector asks to be taken to the DEA. Gus decides to kill Hector for ratting out to the DEA, but Hector is ready to sacrifice himself; he detonates Walt's bomb, killing himself and Gus. Walt returns to the lab, kills Jesse's guards, and informs Jesse that Gus is dead. Knowing Hank is closing in, they torch the lab and walk away. Walt calls Skyler, letting her know that he "won." The final scene reveals that Walt used berries from the Lily of the Valley at his home to poison Andrea's son, and thus goad Jesse into action.

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